About Labay/Summers

Labay/Summers International, Inc., was founded in Houston, Texas USA, in July, 1972.

On the IMPORT side of our activities, we are an air / sea / land Customs Broker and we are licensed and regulated by U.S. Customs and Border Protection ( CBP ). We have provided U.S. Customs clearance services for valued import clients for half a century. Many of our clients have been utilizing our Customs clearance and related services for over four decades.

With regard to EXPORT services involving sea freight, we are licensed and regulated by the U.S. Federal Maritime Commission ( FMC ), as an Ocean Transportation Intermediary, Freight Forwarder ( OTI, FF ). Relative to providing international export air freight services, we are approved and regulated by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration ( TSA ) as an Indirect Air Carrier.

In addition to being a Customs Broker and Freight Forwarder, we also provide MARINE STOCKIST services. These services involve the storage and distribution of non-hazardous product(s) for use by all types of ships calling ports in the U.S. West Gulf.

Labay/Summers International, Inc., has been a proud Founding Member of Global Transport Organization ( GTO ) since 1997. GTO is a highly professional worldwide network of excellent international logistics companies located in over 180 countries and over 1,000 cities worldwide. Through rules and agreements, GTO Member companies act as our branch offices as they perform a wide variety of international logistics services we are asked to arrange on behalf of our treasured import and export clients. Additionally, Labay/Summers maintains an in-house worldwide database of 600 + excellent international logistics companies with whom we have had outstanding working relationships from the point we founded our company in 1972. Through GTO as well as the solid in-house global network of expert logistics representatives, we virtually always far exceed the service capabilities of our much larger competitors.

Having an office only in Houston is not in the least a disadvantage. We consider it to be an outstanding advantage. We don’t have to spend valuable time and effort with the frequently complex process of managing branch offices. We are blessed with knowledgeable management and staff with hundreds of years of combined experience Involving international logistics. Outside of our offices, we have fingertip access to the very best logistics professionals possible representing our company everywhere across the United States and throughout the world. As a result, our full attention in Houston is always given to protecting the interests of our deeply valued import and export clients. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Labay/Summers International, Inc., welcomes your import and export inquiries and sincerely looks forward to the possibility of a relationship with your company.

What Makes Us Special

Logistics Solutions Based Upon Experience

Labay/Summers management and staff have over 250 years of combined experience working with U.S. Customs and providing international logistics services to valued clients.

Performance of Services on a Worldwide Basis

Labay/Summers has close business and personal relationships with high quality agents and representatives in over 850 cities worldwide. Many of the relationships have existed for 40+ years.

A Company Built on Integrity and Professionalism

We are proud of 50+ years of operation with a business foundation dedicated to honesty, integrity and professional relationships with our esteemed clients and treasured vendors.