Import Air & Sea Cargo Insurance

Please keep in mind the fact air carriers and sea carriers have limits of liability with regard to damaged cargo, theft of cargo and / or lost cargo.

Most airlines worldwide have a limited of liability of approximately USD 30.00 per kilo regardless of actual value of the cargo. Most ocean carriers have a limit of liability of USD 500.00 per “ package “ and a “ package “ can be a 40’ container.

Chances are, nothing is going to happen to your air freight or sea freight during transit to the U.S. from a foreign point of origin. But keep in mind both air freight and sea freight are physically handled by many companies / people and there is always a risk of damage, theft or the cargo simply being lost.

There are valid reasons cargo insurance is sold with billions of USD coverage worldwide on an annual basis. Stuff happens. We all have various types of insurance coverage rather than be exposed to risks. Cargo insurance is not that expensive and should be initiated to reduce risks and financial exposure. Protect your investment.