Cross Trade Services –Foreign to Foreign

These days everyone is functioning in a truly global marketplace. Increasingly, some of our clients are purchasing goods or products from foreign suppliers and telling them to foreign clients. The products never physically enter the U.S.

This “ Cross Trade “ business activity is becoming more common as huge global manufacturers operate multiple production locations worldwide. It is not unusual for a Labay/Summers client to purchase product(s) from suppliers in Asia or Latin America to be transported to destinations in the Middle East, Africa or Europe without the goods entering the United States. With Cross Trade business activities, the combinations of origin / destinations change constantly as our clients explore new markets throughout the world.

As a founding Member of Global Transport Organization ( GTO ), Labay/Summers has highly professional international logistics representatives available to us on a 24/7 basis. We are able to arrange and complete whatever air and / or sea transport arrangements may be necessary to complete Cross Trade transactions. Just give us a call and we shall be delighted to discuss solutions meeting your needs.