Inbound Routing - Air / Sea Cargo – Worldwide

Our company has been a founding member of Global Transport Organization ( GTO ) since 1997. GTO is an established network of excellent international logistics companies located in over 180 countries and over 1,000 cities worldwide. GTO Members frequently act as our branch offices as they perform a wide variety of logistics services we request on behalf of import clients. We have also maintained excellent relationships for decades with hundreds of other additional agents outside the GTO Network. We are very selective in our choice and use of agents to ensure we entirely fit the needs of our treasured import clients.

Through GTO and our global agency partners, we have the ability to negotiate the most competitive air and sea rates available in the world market from any point of origin worldwide. We also select the most reliable and timely inbound routing with regard to air or sea carriers and we arrange to request all documents required for importation into the United States. We have the ability to arrange seamless transport from the door of your foreign supplier to your door while saving money for your company and keeping you informed along the way.