Air Charters & Part Charters

Exporters don’t often require air charters or part charters but there are those situations where urgently needed equipment or materials must move to or from a given location without delay.

Labay/Summers has a 40+ year history of moving all sorts of material via air charters or part charters. We have moved symphony orchestras on worldwide tours while also moving very expensive automobiles via air charters to foreign destinations. Our air charter and part charter services have included moving oil drilling equipment to remote jungle areas in Africa as well as chartering aircraft to move relief supplies after natural disasters. Much of our experience with air charters and part charters have included the oil and gas industry over the years but we have also been very heavily involved in the entertainment industry.

Aircraft available to us for charter includes everything from the smallest planes to the largest planes in the world. If your company becomes involved in a situation where your product(s) must move to or from a given point without delay, just give Labay/Summers a call for a quote. We can assure you we move very quickly.